Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Back Up Any Linux Operating System

You can spend a lot of money on backup software for your servers, but just recently 2008 this fantastic developer (Derek Anderson) created Flyback , which works just like Apple's Time Machine . It is really easy to use. Download the latest Debian Package if you are on Ubuntu and save it, i.e. flyback-lucid_0.6.5-1_all.deb You will need to first install a few dependencies applications before you install it.

Here is how to install it:
sudo apt-get install python-glade2 python-gnome2 git git-core libglade2-0 libbonobo2-0 libbonoboui2-0 libgnome2-0 libgnomecanvas2-0 libgnomeui-0 python-pyorbit libbonobo2-common libart-2.0-2 libbonoboui2-common libart-2.0-2 libgnomecanvas2-common libgnomeui-common liberror-perl git-man

Yeah, I know that is a long one, sorry. Now do:
sudo dpkg -i flyback-lucid_0.6.5-1_all.deb
You will then see under applications Flyback Backup Manager. You can just put in Flyback and it will be found. You then set your backup device, by clicking on it. In this case I had a LaCie External half a terrabyte drive. I picked the whole file system to back up, i.e. starting with root (/) and away it went. Let me know how you like it folks or give Derek feedback on his site referenced earlier.


Wait a minute, I just want to backup a few folders on my Desktop! Ok, no problem. Please see Perl . The first script will do it for you using the tar function.