Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Coppermine Photo Gallery

If you want to install a Photo Gallery that everybody can add to try Coppermine Photo Gallery. It is built into most distributions. To get it you also have to have php5, mysql (client and Server), httpd/Apache2 installed. Here is how to do it using Ubuntu. Type as root in a terminal window:
apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-client mysql-server php-mysql
Restart Apache2 to be safe with the command:
/etc/init.d/apache2 reload
Fetch the zipped file by going here Note, your version may be newer, at the time of this writing 1.426 was the most recent version.
At the terminal prompt type:
You will now have a directory called cpg14x. Now move it under /var/www where I like to keep all the web stuff. i.e:
mv cpg14x/ /var/www/cpg
Now go to that directory with
cd /var/www/cpg/
You are now ready to create the database that Coppermine Photo Gallery will use. Go to the terminal window and type:
mysql -u root -p
You will now be at a mysql> prompt.
mysql> DROP DATABASE test; [removes the test database]
mysql> DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE user = ''; [Removes anonymous access]
Create a database and database user for your data. You will use this database and user name in your database connection string. The GRANT statement actually creates a new MySQL user account.
mysql> CREATE DATABASE Gallery_mysql;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON Gallery_mysql.* TO 'Gallery_admin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'thepassword';
Now leave mysql by typing exit; Go to where you installed Coppermine Gallery, i.e.
cd /var/www/cpg and type
chmod 777 -R include
chmod 777 -R albums

You are now ready to run the install, type:
http://localhost/cpg in your web browser. There should be a button now in your browser that says install. You can then login as the Coppermine Gallery Administrator and configure the rest of the website.

Note, some hosting services like to really tie your hands so you may not be able to do what you could on a normal UNIX/Linux or Microsoft IIS Servers. This often happens with the one click method. If you encounter problems, send me an email.

For more details please see here . Follow the instructions for what to do after you are done with setup. To get started, go to here. Enjoy!