Convert Microsoft to LINUX: What the Customers say.

Mr. Don from Seattle, Washington:   "Live form Zoka's Cafe: Victor provided a solution before I could finish my cup of coffee. Following Victor's presentation last nite at the Bellevue Linux Users group, "Linux for Everbody", a preview of an upcoming course to be offered at UW 21 April 2005, we discussed recovering a forgotten Administrator password of Windows 2000/XP systems. Victor quickly did the process in less than five minutes."

Mr. Christian from France:   "The Linux course taught by Victor was absolutely excellent, a very good and devoted teacher. Moreover, Linux is an extremely useful and money saving tool to have, with much fewer problems than with the Windows operating system. So I hope to see this course again in the future."

Ms. Viola from Manhattan, New York City:   "Thanks so much for fixing my computer. You have made my day. Good luck!"

Ms. Brooke from Seattle, Washington:   "Victor provides excellent service and he is a true pioneer for this superior operating system. Seattle is super lucky to have his positive light, brains and skills. I used to be mad frustrated with all the crud via interent spread into my computer and with Linux this is not a problem. Not to mention I rather enjoy the graphical options for the card games. Very refreshing!::I mean, truly if you're like me and the status quo ain't your thing... Linux is your chicken wing. truly!"

Ms. Betty from Manhattan, New York City:   "When I wanted to install my system, I called a company to help me out. Unfortunately, they were not able to help me. Then Lo and Behold, you came into my life and miraculously installed all that I needed to have, and now I can be an Internet Baby like the rest of the world. You went above and beyond what other people do to insure that I have all I needed and there are few people out there like you."

Mr. Adrian from Long Island, New York:   "Victor met up with me at a Starbucks in New York and helped me with my installation issue - and now the perfectly good laptop that I was going to toss is perfectly usable again! If more people started doing this with their outdated laptops, there would be much less waste in the world."

Victor coming home from the gardening store with compost!

Victor coming home from the gardening store with compost!