Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Database in Linux

There is a now an open source Database tool that is as good as Microsoft Access. It is called DBDesigner 4 and is available by doing the following:

  1. I will assume you are using the Mandrake Linux distribution. Go to the "Star" | System | Konsole and type su to logon as root with your password of linux01 . Now you are at a Terminal Session.
  2. Next type:
    urpmi mysql
    This will bring up a list of about 11 packages to install. Just say yes to it and feed in the appropiate CD's.This installs MySql the Linux open source database on your machine.
  3. Next you need to install two packages:
    kylixlib3-unwind-3.0-mdk91.i586.rpm and DBDesigner4. Make sure you pick the right one for your version of Linux. Remember I chose the Mandrake one, you may need the Suse ones. If you just click on the two .rpm files it will bring up the installer. Plese do them in the order they are listed here. That is the kylixlib.. first and then the DBDesigner4 package. When you install the DBDesigner4 package, it may say to satisfy dependencies please install libstdc++2.10-2.96-0.83mdk.i586 . Just say yes and insert CD 5 which has this libstdc.. on it. Then go ahead and install the DBDesginer4.
  4. Ok, now you are ready to roll!. Go to the "Star" | System | Konsole and type su to logon as root with your password of linux01 . Now type: startdbd followed by the carriage return key. You should see the DBDesigner4 application come up. There is tons of documentation built in. You can download this if you have not from the original DBDesigner 4 Webpage you were at earlier as a .pdf file. You can use this very similarly to Microsoft Access. Note, it also handles any ODBC (Open Database Connection) type database. Therefore you can talk to an Oracle Database or pretty much anything you like. Enjoy !!!
  5. For your final step let us just add in a Desktop Icon to launch this. You can open Kongueror and type:
    You should now see a icon for DBDesigner4 , which you can drag to your desktop.
  6. Alternatively you can add this icon into the panel menu, so you can launch this from the "Star". I put it in the "Office" folder. See "How do I change the Linux Start Menu" at FAQ. Remember to type in the command line option startdbd . You do not need to specify a path to it. Pick any appropiate icon from the ones available. I just picked the database cyclinder symbol.